Blogging, Branding, and Me

24 Feb
I am Michael Facchinello, a young marketing professional in Chicago, the reason for this blog is to share what I learn about branding and strategy consulting from informational interviews with Chicago’s most esteemed branding professionals.  Currently I am working with two very small companies to enhance their marketing.  But, I am very interested in brand and strategy consulting.  Hence, this blog.  I think this strategy serves multiple purposes:
(1) I am admittedly green in the practical world of branding.  Academia goes far, but I am trying to bridge that gap.
(2) Publishing a blog helps enhance my credibility and my interviewees credibility.
(3) I am making connections, and connections are everything.
Through a little research on the internet I have been able to compile a list of strategic branding companies and people at those companies to contact.  The criteria I use to select professionals for interview are as follows:
(1)  Can I find them on the internet?
(2) Are they a branding or strategy consultant at interesting point in their career?
(3) Are they well respected?
(4) Can I goad them into talking with me?  (Of coarse this is key)
From this blog I hope to add to the collective knowledge in branding and strategy.  It will be particularly helpful to those who are also seeking to pursue this type of career, but I hope it will be of value to seasoned veterans as well.  I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.  Please feel free to join the conversation with comments.  If you are a consultant with interest in talking with me please email me at

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